Without job yet with money! I am earning 450 000 peso per day and I`m satisfied.

| Updated: Apr 6, 2019, 22:54 IST
Do you share an opinion that an ordinary person cannot earn more than 1000 peso per day? I also thought like that before I met a person who had changed my life forever.

My name is Cedrick Singkh, I am 33 years old and I live in Quezon City. I`ve bought a new BMW last week, and six months before I was working at a car wash thinking how to feed my family. Now I will tell you how a fortuitous meeting changed my life and gave an opportunity to earn 450 000 peso per day.

I will tell you a bit about myself. Poverty that is how I can describe my whole life. Parents lived in poverty; I was not able to receive higher education. After school, I started to work at a car wash, while I was young it was enough money for living, but once I had a family and my daughter was born, serious financial problems and constant debts appeared in my life. I had no idea what to do further – debts were constantly growing, and I could not quit my job because that was my main source of income.

Once in the evening, a new Mercedes S-Class rolled up at our car wash. A young man 23-25 years old in appearance came out of it. I`ve always been wondering where such young people take money from. Moreover, I asked myself under my breath, “What do you have to do in order to drive such a car?” However, he heard me and laughed. “Binary options”, - he said and left.

Those two words changed my life forever. When I came home, I immediately sat down at the computer and began to look for at least some mention of binary options. I’ve spent a month like that: during the daytime, I was working at the car wash, and at night, I was reading dozens of forums, learning how to work with them.

In order to save your time I will describe briefly what it is. Binary options are an easy, fast and incredibly profitable way of earning on financial markets. Your task is simply to register and open an account on a company’s site. After that, you just need to replenish this account for any amount. Now you only have to identify which one of two currencies would win.

I found Olymp Trade site and registered there for free. They have an option to open demo account for 10 000$ with virtual money and free training. That helped me a lot in the very beginning, when I did not know how to work with binary options, and didn`t want to invest my money either.

On the Olymp Trade site, all transactions are conducted in US dollars. And I also receive all the payments in US dollars.

Two or three weeks passed, and 19 500$ appeared on my virtual account. The only problem was that it was just figures on my screen, and I did not know how to retrieve this money. It was then that I`ve decided to replenish my account for 1000 peso. I do not believe different Internet sites, that is why I did not take a risk with bigger amount.

That night I didn`t sleep at all – I had been trading, and immediately after that setting off to my work. And do you know what? I`ve earned 3 781 peso. While at work, I kept thinking about options, and as soon as I came home I sat at the computer, but fatigue took its toll and I was not able to trade normally: I`ve earned only 681 peso and zonked out. I remember those days fuzzily, the only thing I was interested in were options – I was coming home and starting trading. And just in a week the balance of my account amounted in 31 850 peso!!!. Yes, of course, money was not so big, but it was just the beginning, I was afraid to work with large sums.

I decided to check the site and ordered withdrawal of all funds to my card – 31 850 peso. In an hour, I received an SMS that money was on my card! I was happy. After that, I replenished my account again and started trading more confidently. In two weeks, I earned 110 000 peso, and in a month quited my work. After that, I repaid all my debts and first time in my life I left for a good vacation with my family.

This did not stop me from trading because to earn money I just need a laptop or a phone with Internet access. When we returned I bought a BMW and decided to create this blog, for your special benefit – the same workers as I was, tired of working during the whole day from morning until night and earning next to nothing! Remember life is not given to us to spend it like this. Register right now, be sure to practice on a demo account without any risk to lose real money. At the moment, I do not see any other real ways to earn sitting at the computer or phone but the binary options. After I bought BMW 841 000 peso were left on my account. My aim is to earn 10 000 000 till summer and buy a good house for my beloved family. Good luck and thank you for your attention.